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Chicago Masonry is involved in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential projects. Take a look at some of our featured projects.

From its inception, Chicago Masonry Construction, Inc. was involved in small residential projects. Often these consisted of rebuilding a deteriorated chimney or enclosing a window opening. Chicago Masonry's reputation quickly spread as a dependable and professional masonry contractor. And as word spread, so did the size of projects that Chicago Masonry became a part of. Focusing on our "Mission Statement" as the company's core operating principal, Chicago Masonry Construction, Inc. has grown considerably over the course of the past 15 years. Today the company is involved in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects with annual sales between $4M-$6M.


Our services include the following:

  • Masonry Alterations
    • Demolition
    • Interior Partition Walls
    • Masonry Infilling
    • Masonry Openings
  • Masonry Restoration
    • Chemical Cleaning
    • Chimney Rebuilding
    • Lintel Replacement
    • Sandblasting
    • Terra Cotta Repairs
    • Tuckpointing

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