Masonry Alterations

Masonry Alterations Before Masonry Alterations Before


noun \ȯl-tə-rā-shən\

Definition of ALTERATION

1: the act or process of altering : the state of being altered
2: the result of altering : MODIFICATION *

Masonry alterations are changes or modifications to an existing masonry structure. Examples of changes include an addition to a residential or commercial building and the addition of a masonry feature such as an outdoor fireplace or the front entry to a building.

Modifications consist of projects where the masonry on a structure is altered creating a new feature to the building. Examples include saw-cutting a masonry opening for a new service door, removing existing windows and installing glass block panels, extending an existing chimney to create a better “draft,” or infilling existing window/door openings no longer needed.

*Merriam Webster Dictionary

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